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Mission, goals, strategies

Mission, goals, strategies



I. Mission, vision and core values

1. Mission

Developing Thuongmai University into an advanced multi-major training university in the fields of economics and trade of Vietnam (including commodity trade, service trade, investment trade and intellectual property) with high reputation in the region as well as the world; a high-quality educational centre which constantly strives to renew teaching methods; a research and technology transfer centre which offers high-quality training services in trade, tourism, services and international economic integration; a cultural centre which provides the society with human resources of good ethical and cultural awareness and professional knowledge who can adapt to the changing environment and meet the national process of industrialization, modernization and international economic integration.

2. Vision by 2030

Developing Thuongmai University into a research-oriented, multi-majors training university which has good reputation, meets regional quality standards and strives to meet international quality criteria in the majors of economics and trade.

3. Core values:

Quality and constant renovation; committed responsibilities and efficiency; creativity and innovation; democracy, fairness, solidarity and advancement.


II. Development goals by 2020


General goals: Developing Thuongmai University into a multi-major training university in economics and trade which meets regional quality standards and strives to meet international quality standards to contribute to the fast and sustainable socio-economic development as well as the industrialization, modernization and international economic integration of the country.

Specific objectives by 2020:

- Raising comprehensive training quality, standardizing teaching and administrating staff; creating breakthroughs in training quality in some key majors and specialties, meeting regional standards, ensuring the connection and laying the foundations for the improvement of training quality in different levels and forms;

- Maintaining appropriate training scales for under-graduate and graduate levels, working towards the criteria of a research university, especially in terms of enrolment for master and doctor training scales.

- Integrating academic results and degrees with reputable universities, running student and lecturer exchange programs with prestigious universities in the world; attracting international lecturers and students to Thuongmai University to work and learn;
-  Developing strong cooperation, close connection and raising the roles in training, research and consultancy in university network for economic administration and business management training; fostering scientific research, consultancy and technology transfer with domestic and international research institutes and business organizations; improving the University’s influential power and raising its prestige inside and outside the country.

Striving to become an advanced university with full and modern facilities, regional-level training and researching environment with good teaching halls, well-equipped library and high-quality services.
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