The scholarships granting ceremony to Laotian students studying in Vietnam and Vietnamese students

Scholarship Granting Ceremony to Laotian Students Studying in Vietnam and Vietnamese Students

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Over the past years, Vietnam’s Communist Party and government have had a number of study and talent promoting policies and activities to encourage poor students to overcome difficulties and get ahead in their study. To Laotian students, Vietnam’s government also has policies to grant scholarships and make the best conditions for them to study in Vietnam.

PhD and MA Degree Granting and 22B-S MA. Graduation Ceremony

PhD and MA Degree Granting and 22B-S MA. Graduation Ceremony

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In the morning of 1st December, 2018, in a solemn, cheerful, and exciting atmosphere, at H1 Hall, Thuongmai University held the PhD and MA degree granting and 22B-S MA graduation ceremony.

National conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”

National Conference: “Startup and Innovation in Business”

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On the morning of 28 November 2018, at Hall H3 – Thuongmai University, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of International Training – Thuongmai University and Institute of Business Development – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry held the conference themed “Startup and Innovation in Business”.

Sacombank Scholarship Granting in 2018

Sacombank Scholarship Granting in 2018

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Scholarship granting ceremony for 5 students of course 52 organized at 10 a.m on November 21, 2018 at Meeting Room No.1, building I, Thuongmai University, Vietnam

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