Thuongmai University Holding Working Session with ATIM Consulting

Tuesday - 01/06/2021 00:19
The representatives of Thuongmai University (TMU) held a working session with ATIM Consulting Company on the morning of 28th January 2021.
Thuongmai University Holding Working Session with ATIM Consulting
Attending the working sessions from TMU were A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang – Vice Rector in charge of the University; A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Viet Thai – Head of Department of External Affairs and Communications; A/Prof.Dr. Tran Kieu Trang – Director of Institute of International Cooperation; A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Nguyen Hong – Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. From ATIM Consulting, there were Ms. Dao Phuong Thuy – the company’s CEO and some members. 
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As part of the agenda, Ms. Dao Phuong Thuy launched a detailed introduction on the company, especially the services of Canada Hub Solutions and proposed the cooperation opportunities with TMU in the coming time.
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In the meantime, the representatives of TMU proposed some cooperation areas between the two organizations, specifically: ATIM supports TMU in seeking university partners from Canada and other countries so as to set up cooperation training programs at bachelor and master levels (in different forms such as full training in Vietnam; 2+2 or 3+1 training; pre-oversea-study training, etc.) in particular fields of Computer programming, Hospitality – Tourism, Accounting – Auditing, International Trade, Fintech, Digital Marketing, etc.; ATIM consults TMU on coordinating with universities from Canada and other countries to organize international conferences; ATIM consults TMU on building up Profession Development Section in line with Vietnam’s context in general and TMU’s situation in particular. 
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At the end of the working session, on behalf of TMU’s leaders, A/Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang – Vice Rector in charge of the University – presented gifts to Ms. Dao Phuong Thuy, ATIM’s CEO and her accompanying staff. The working session is expected to open up many opportunities for cooperation in training and scientific research between TMU and potential partners in Canada. 

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