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Thuongmai University Receives French Embassy Representatives

Tuesday - 28/12/2021 21:25
On the morning of 17th March, 2021, at the reception hall, A.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang, TMU Rector, and representatives from the University’s External Affair Department held a working reception with Eric Molay, Science and Research Cooperation Attaché, French Embassy in Vietnam and leaders from International Cooperation Agency, Ministry of Education and Training.
Thuongmai University Receives French Embassy Representatives
In the reception, A.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang introduced the achievements of Thuongmai University in international cooperation via the successful implementation of 14 cooperation programs and students-teachers exchange schemes. Mr. Molay highly appreciated the impressive successes gained by the University while the representative of Ministry of Education and Training valued that Thuongmai University is the university with the highest number of cooperation programs, especially with French partners. Thuongmai University has always complied by legal regulations and is one of the most active educational institutions in developing new training majors to keep up with the trend of the market and meet the new demand of learners. 
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To promote international cooperation and expand the cooperation network with French partners, Thuongmai University asks for further assistance from French Embassy in finding and connecting with prestigious universities of France, including Franche – Comté – one of the multi-sector universities in Europe with many training specialties that Thuongmai University cares about such as International Trade, International Logistics and Transportation, Trade and Distribution.
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Besides, Thuongmai University also expects French Embassy to share information about French enterprise network in Vietnam to support students in doing internship and finding jobs. As attaché of science and research cooperation, Mr. Molay committed to support Thuongmai University.
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Besides cooperation programs with foreign universities, in its development strategies, Thuongmai University aims to further expand its student exchange programs.
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