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Deputy Minister of Education andTraining, Prof.Dr. Phạm Vũ Luận granting the flag for the Excellent Unit to the University (2005)

Thuongmai University in the period 2005-2010

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During the period 2005-2010, the University had profound and comprehensive innovations in all fields of operation in order to improve the training quality meeting the demand of the society and making a firm foundation for the University to develop sustainably in the context of the country’s integration in the WTO and amid the global depression.

The University’s Paper Workshop (1985)

Thuongmai University in the period 1986-1995

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Thuongmai University in the period 1975-1985

Thuongmai University in the period 1975-1985

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On April 30th, 1975, Vietnam’s national defense and independence war came to an end with the south of Vietnam gaining its entire freedom. The unified country transformed itself into socialism. After the election of the 4th National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (April, 1976) and the 4th Communist Party Congress (December, 1976) Vietnam entered a new stage of development. The University set the new mission of training commercial staffs with university certification for the country and business establishments and taking part in the private capital industry and trade renovation in southern Vietnam.

School’s staff and students on working site in Lap Thach, Song Lo - Vinh Phu, where they took sand and stones to build the school

Thuongmai University during 1960-1965 period

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Thuongmai University evolved from Central School of Trade (1960-1979), then University of Commerce (1979-1994). It was renamed Thuongmai University in 1994 in the Decision no. 203/TTg on May 2, 1994 by the Prime Minister.

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